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Disallowed Hack client or cheating

Encouraging players to make use of a disallowed/hacked client

Advertising Server Domains / Recruiting Players

Advertising the IP's of other servers and/or advertise Vectorcraft to other server, either in-game or discord is completely forbidden

*noted : mutual respect between the minecraft community

Sexual Harasm, sexually explicit, pornographic , NSFW

Disallow to send,ask, discuss about sexual harasm, sexual explicit, pornographic, and NSFW in Discord or Ingame Server.

General Rudeness

Whenever interacting with others within Discord or even in-game, please be respectful at all times, since acting in a rude manner is not allowed.

Capes or skins that contain sexual themes, races, religion, or offensive topics, are forbidden.

Selling/Buying item in game with real money ( Real trade Money )

it is forbidden to sell / buy in-game items, accounts, or anything in the community or carry vectorcraft community name. if there is a violation, vectorcraft do not cause any losses.

Flooding / Spamming

Disallow Flooding chat on discord, such as repeatedly commenting or personal massage to other, or massively spamming characters.

Bug Exploit

Dissallow to use bug exploit, if you find bug, please report us on discord.

Pelanggaran Ringan / misdemeanor

Pelanggaran ini mencakup toxic/Advertising/General Rudeness

1. Warn 1x

2. Warn 2x

3. Warn 3x

4. Mute 5 Menit

5. Mute 30 menit

6. mute 1 jam

7. tempban 12 Jam

8. tempban 24 jam

9. tempban 7 hari

Pelanggaran Berat / serious violation

Pelanggaran ini mencakup Hack Client/Cheating/Bug Abuse

1. Warn 1x

2. Warn 2x

4. tempban 24 jam

5. tempban 7 hari

5. Ban Permanen

rules can change at any time! Copyright @vectorcraftid