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About Gameplay

The essence of the gameplay of this mode is that you have to survive in the survival world. Unlike Minecraft Vanilla / basic minecraft, here you get several advantages. In addition, you can make various kinds of modern tools or you can choose magic to make it easier for you to work.


Slimefun is one of gameplay in minecraft with most system. Converting Mods on minecraft to plugins, like a mechanic, Custom Tools, Custom System, Periodic Element, Gadget like jetpack, Magical Gadget and manymore.

15+ Slimefun Expansion

  • Exotic Garden - adds a lot of Plants, Trees and a bunch of food to Slimefun! You can do everything from growing Plum Trees to crafting "BBQ Bacon wrapped Cheese filled Hot Dogs".
  • Extra Gear - anew Weapons and Armor to Slimefun. Most of them are related to Alloys and Metals within Slimefun.
  • LiteXpansion
  • Eco Power - focused on climate-friendly and renewable energy sources. It features, wind turbines, steam turbines and more! You can even harness energy from lightning bolts!
  • Extra Tool - created to supply useful tools which, although unnecessary, are certain to improve your Slimefun experience.
  • SFCalc - calculate the required amounts of base resources for any given Slimefun item.
  • Infinity Expansion - adds many machines and endgame crafting recipes.
  • Fluffy Machines - adds early and late game machines, generators, and items to make automation more fun. Among these are the Auto Crafting Table, Auto Ancient Altar, and Ender Chest Cargo Nodes.
  • Simple Material Generator - simple generators to reduce some grind.
  • SlimeTinker - Melt metals, alloy them together, cast metals out into blocks, nuggets, tool parts and more. Build custom tools with properties dependant on the metals used. Tools do not break but instead they can be repaired with kits. Swap out parts as wanted and add special modifiers.
  • Potion Expansion - adds new potions that give you legal xray!
  • Flower Power - centered around experience and flowers. The base of each recipe requires various flowers, and different items are crafted along the way to make mid to endgame items. A majority of these items function by consuming experience in exchange for a certain effect or buff.
  • FNAmplifications - addon that includes my FN Solar Generator, Material Generator, Machinery and Power Xpansion.
  • ElementalManipulations - adds periodic table elements and more machines, giving the player the capacity to create items using these elements.
  • Crystamae Historia - crafting mechanics allowing players to craft magical gadgets, spells and tools. Crysta has a deep progression system, massive amounts of lore and enough spells/gadgets to keep any player engaged for a long, long, time.
  • Dank Tech2 - include mass volume storage backpacks with auto-voiding, building, easy unloading
  • Network - provide a AE2/Refined Storage style storage solution in a straight-forward but powerful manner.

Economy system

We have 2 cores Economy system, all of them can use with grinding system, You can getting upgrade Rankup with it.

  • Money In Game - Money in game can provide by selling items on server shop or with other players, you can use it for buying items, pay player for something, or buy Ranks Up.
  • Vectorcraft Points - Vectorcraft Points is focusing for getting something from special shop, u can buy spawner key or vote key. you can provide it for vote or use kits.

Rankup system

We make this game so funny and no pay to win, so we decided to add Rankup System for player and you can make it for upgrade your power. Use money in game for upgrade it.

Every Upgrade you can get advantages like more homes, more discount server shop, more chance for success break spawner, and many mores.

Anti Grief System

Every player can get claiming land in survival world. You can invite other players for joining your land, and build together.

we use redprotect for it,

Many Mores.

Other system like Gacha Crates, random teleporting on world survival, and many mores.